History Edit

Sister.... If you ever heard me before... I am going to give in to my powerful side... I am becoming omnipotent... I might die afterwards...

- Alannia to Feria

Early Life Edit

Alannia was born in Enettia from Allana Màgic and Mordo Efor Male. Alannia was taken to the palace of Confession by her father. Her father was killed by the Mysterious Witch, which later was revealed that it was Yin disguised. Alannia was shown powerful enough that accidentally used her confession ability and killed almost the entire palace. After that Athra fled to the Omnilock Verse just to try and teach Alannia how to control her abilities and Magic but it seemed impossible, since Athra found out that Alannia's true Abilities were not only Confession but also Tyfleness.

Mother of All Edit

Alannia was declared the 4th Morher of All. Alannia killed her competitor witch in a brief fight between them. Alannia was the only witch that broke her opponent's indestructubility and killed her. When Alannia was the Mother of All, she even reached to the Spiritual Verse, where Yamamoto was the Master of that Verse.

Reanimation Edit

Alannia was the first witch to ever create the spell of Reanimation, meaning that the user is able to recreate something that was completely gone or/and erased. Later the reanimation spell changed meaning almost completely. Alannia used the Reanimation spell to revive her sister Feria, but she found out that Feria did not die but rather advanced into an Omnilock Being inside the Omnilock Verse.

Romance with Stephen Edit

Alannia fell in love with one of the Gerana Mages, Stephen. Alannia was about to give up her Magic so that she could save Stephen's soul. But she later found out that Stephen wantet her weak so that she would not interfere with his plans to kill all of her family. Stephen succided to get Alannia to give up her Magic and he killed Feria with the Blade of the Seven Nations, and Alannia was infurius when she saw that Stephen killed her sister, that her Magic returned and got even more powerful than before, because she destroyed the sword and killed and then erased Stephen from all amd every palin in existence. Later Alannia found out that the Feria that died, was just a decoy, the real Feria created from inside the Omnilock Verse.

The 5 Cursed Keys Edit

Solon created five powerful keys that could bring anyone he wanted into existence even if they died entirely with no trace of their existence remained. Solon fought Naomy and he became victorious because he created the 7 Namarians (powerful race that eaxh one controls a different but specific part that connects with their soul). Alannia interfered and destroyed the 5 Cursed Keys while she was fighting Solon. At the end of their battle, Alannia unlocked her true Ability, Limiter Removal, and erased Solon from all and every plain of existence.

Allana's Death Edit

Nathaniel created a spell with the sacrifice of the 5 original Spitits so that he would break Allana's Infinito Madara spell (the caster absorbs everything inside of them and then when there is nothing left, the caster is erased from both Existence and Unexistence) and transport Allana into another plain of of existence. Nathaniel stopped SpaceTime in order to cast that spell, but Alannia was the only being untouched by Nathaniel's spell. Alannia then found her mother Allana, and since Allana was weak and frozen from Nathaniel's spell, Alannia killed her. After that Alannia left without anyone knowing where she went.

 The 14th Darkness Edit

After Nathaniel destroyed the 14th Incarnation, Alannia absorbed all of its magic and became the Darkness of the 14th Incarnation