At the beginning there was the Void, a being emerged from that Void without knowing how. That being created the First Incarnation and the Fragments of Magic. That being left the Incarnation and wandered around the Void. The Fragments started ruling over everything and so they created their first being, her name was Màgya. After that they created the Origin of Magic. The Origin created Caligo the first Shadow Demon. The Fragments saw this and they created Tenebris, the first Darkness. When the first Being saw all these, his nightmares of everything that was to come became unnamed sentient beings and were separated from him, then when they tried to attack, he couldn't destroy them so he sealed away into a dimension he created called Daemonius Dimension. Màgya and Caligo had sex and their son FiltzRoy was born. FiltzRoy was destined to be the Balancer of Worlds but when his parents started fighting each other he interfered and ended being stabbed so his father created a spell and froze him in a loophole so that he would stay alive as long as the sword stays within him. Then Màgya sealed them both away into the Land of Souls. After each Incarnation a being absorbs its magic and turns it into darkness becoming its Darkness manifestation. Nathaniel destroyed the 14th Incarnation and alongside it the entire Omniverse. But right now every living being is trying on their own way to connect the Fragments of Magic and create the 15th Incarnation or the Novus Oriens.