Origin Edit

Anghelicka was born in the 10th Incarnation alongside the Origin of Magic of said Incarnation. She was born alongside her siblings and they are all connected through magic. Her siblings are Herranium, Sehkmet, Ezekiel, Priscilla, Cáne, Leonardo and Jeremiah-Richard.

Belphegor Edit

The Origin of Magic of the 10th Incarnation sent Belphegor in order to kill Anghelicka and her siblings. Ezekiel was the only one that wasn't there. With the sacrifice of Cáne and the help of all of them, Belphegor was sealed away within the Eye of Priscilla.

Gates of the Origin Edit

Anghelicka fought Nathaniel in order to prevent him from entering the Origin of Magic. She failed but at sacrificing herself, the Gates imprisoned Nathaniel and his friends, but he got so mad when James stayed behind and not only he broke her spell but he saved James as well. Anghelicka only wanted though to warn Nathaniel about Luna's spell.

Reanimation Edit

When Feria traveled to the 2nd Incarnation to learn the Edo Tensei, She reanimated Allana, Anghelicka, Ezekiel, Cáne, Morgana and Merlin in order to fight the Daemonius Dimension and its nightmares.