History Edit

I am sorry if I tried.... Merlin, you are my only true love...

- Aria to Merlin

Early Life Edit

Aria was born inside the Alannian UltraVerse, but soon after her birth, her mother, Athanássia, left her and her sisters to conquer the WholeVerse. Aria was alone and was forced to raise herself. When Aria was old enough, she went into the Avalon. There, Aria learnt the aura of Shamónity. Aria already knew and mastered the aura Divinity, due to her roots as an Entèrtia Witch.

Megaira Edit

When Megaira started destroying the WholeVerse just to find her mother, Aria stood against her and they fought in the conclusion of Megaira fleeding the scene.

A Romance Edit

Aria visited the Nexus one time to find the creator of the most powerful object in the All and Nothing. When she found Merlin, she fell in love with him in an instant.

A Demonic Being Edit

Marcya needed a sacrifial spell in order to revive Nabu, and so she used Merlin's soul to do it. But then Alannia cloacked Merlin's soul so the spell would be stopped but the spell was almost finished. So Aria sacrificied her Magic and soul to destroy Marcya. Then Merlin teleported himself there, watching his true love dying. And the Merlin used his true ability and created a different being called Merlyn to be sacrificied in Aria's position. But Marcya died either way.

Aria's Death Edit

Leggýa started controlling Merlin, and she forced him against Aria. These two fought in a endless battle untill Avanna appeared and stopped them but at the last second Leggýa appeared too and killed Aria with the Excalibur, thus removing her soul entirely from the All and Nothing, rendering her unable to ever being revived again.

Deaths Edit

  1. Leggýa shredded Aria's soul and Magic completely and entirely.