History Edit

I am the ruler... none can escape my Magic... not even my brother...

- Eris

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Eris. Eris was born alongside Exodus but they are not twins. Before Nathaniel killed Exodus, Exodus said:

"Wait till you face my sister. I am nothing compared to her, Nathaniel."

Eris mastered Divinity before her brother, but she didn't fight beside him against the Existence. When Exodus and his army won, the Assanity people (whoever survived) with Scagget fled to the Unexistence, Eris went beyond that dimension and created her own universe called TragyaVerse, and never left. Eris created her own race of humanoid-demonic beings to rule over. Eris is one of the first beings that mastered the three auras of Magic (Divinity, Assanity and Shamónity). Eris erased her existence from the minds of every living and dead soul except from other True Omnipotent Beings, High Dark Beings and Omnilock Beings (it is unknown if Eris chose not to affect these beings as well with her spells or rather she was not that powerful and kept these beings out of her spell.)

Magic Stones Edit

Eris searched for the 7 Magic Stones in order to enter the Land of Shadows and find Priscilla's remaining daughter and be able to unlock the magic from within tge Scepter of Priscilla. She managed to acquire them all but Feria stopped her. While trying to obtain all the stones, Eris sacrificed her own universe in order to save Scagget from Merlin's self-destructive explosion when she transported the explosion there.

Land of Souls Edit

When Nathaniel sacrificed his life to destroy the 14th Incarnation, Màgya transported everyone within the Land of Souls. After Wanda's outbreak and Caligo's freedom from the sealing spell Màgya put on him 13 Incarnations ago, the portal to the Daemonius Dimension opened and gave a portion of its magic to Eris. Eris stated herself that the magic she now possesses is way above anything she ever experienced before.