History Edit

This All and the Nothing is the beginning and end of all the other Verses, Realities, Dimensions, Realms, Planes and Timelines unexceptionally...!

- Exodus to Feria

Early Life Edit

Exodus Chaos was born alongside the first race of existence in history. He was born even before beings knew what magic is and how to use it. Exodus was one of the first beings to realize that there is some sort of aura inside of them. Exodus started trying to use this aura to his advantage until he mastered it completely. Exodus was watching beings around him die but he was unable to die. One day he tried to create a spell and accidentally he opened a portal to the Existence (Assanity plain), Exodus was able to see through the portal but the Assanity beings were unable to see him. After telling that to his fellow people, they built an army of powerful beings and invaded the Assanity plain, catching them by surprise. Exodus and his army managed to almost destroy the Assanity people but one of the Assanity beings, called Scagget managed to create a spell that transported the remaining beings of Assanity plain and him to the Divinity plain. Exodus after that found that he is more powerful than he thought, because he advanced himself into a True Omnipotent

MageVerse Edit

Exodus used a small part of his overall Magic to create his own Verse, called MageVerse. Horahkty and Leviathan are unable to enter Exodus' Verse and the vise versa. The MageVerse is 10 times the size of the WholeVerse and has enough Magic to destroy and rebuild the Nexus hundreds of times over and over again.