Creation Edit

The first Being that ever lived created the First Universe in order to create something to exist when he would have moved forward. When the first Universe or First Incarnation ended, all of its magic was absorbed within Màgya and she became its first Darkness manifestation. When the Fragments of Magic created many things into the first universe, the first Being got scared of what he created and all of this fear turned into demons and so he sealed them away within a dimension he created, called the Daemonius Dimension. It is said that even one of these demons has enough magic to destroy Caligo a million times over.

Travel through time Edit

Feria and Santinā are traveling through all the Incarnations in order to get to the very first universe and find a solution against the Daemonius Dimension. Some beings tried to travel through the Incarnations but failed to reach all the way to the first universe, one of them is Leonardo and he is the only one that managed to reach the Second Incarnation by using the Daemonius Dimension as a fuel. Feria and Santinā were able to travel through them by manipulating the pathway of the wave of Luna when it was meant to destroy the Origin of Magic. That wave created the past, present and future, before that there was only one flow of magic. After that spell all Incarnations started coexisting with each other with the Fragments of Magic as a connector. After Nathaniel destroyed the Fragments, the Incarnations are on the brink of collapse with each other.