Not to be confused with Shamonity(place in the All and Nothing, 14th Incarnation) or Shamonity, one of the 3 auras of Magic.

Creation Edit

The Fourth Incarnation is the universe where the 8 Creators created the 8 Fundamental Forces of Magic.

  1. Franklin (Reality)
  2. Garret (Life) 
  3. Asoka (Destiny) 
  4. Jacob (Mind) 
  5. Spectra (Space) 
  6. Verynia (Soul) 
  7. Lèvya (Time) 
  8. Asmōdeus (Death) 

 At the same time around the Creators, the Fragnents of Magic created one more being in order to bring peace to all future Incarnations, his name is Raziel. At its original end, Shamonya absorbed all of its magic and became its Darkness manifestation.