History Edit

There is a fine line between evil and good... Magic is that line... I am the good... Scagget is the evil...!


Early Life Edit

Horahkty was born alongside Exodus, Leviathan and the first race of beings in history. Horahkty was also one of the first beings to master the aura inside of her. She fought beside Exodus and the Divinity plain and proved victorious against the Assanity plain. She created her own verse once the invasion was over. Horahkty advanced herself to the extend where she was able to manipulate the 6 Forces of Magic limitless.



White Room of the Sun Edit

Horahkty created her own Verse where she would live. Leviathan and Exodus are unable to enter her Verse, the same way Horahkty is unable to enter their Verses. The White Room is only white but with some blackness, representing both evilness and goodness.

Mother of All Edit

Horahkty organizes a competition to declare the most powerul witch to rule upon all existence. This competition only occurs when the previous Mother died. The declared winner will have unlimited Source of Magic and one limitless wish (no limits at all). The Mother can only be declared if Horahkty still lives. If Horahkty dies by any way, one else must replace her manifestation and embodiment.

  1. Celestia
  2. Allana
  3. Alcina
  4. Alannia
  5. Feria
  6. Victoria
  7. Wanda (current)

A competitor Mother is indistructuble by will during the competition and decleration of the winner. Meaning that if the competitor Mother only when she wants to die, she will die.

Omnibics Edit

Horahkty used one of her abilities, Ability Creation, and created a race of beings with limitless Source of Magic, so that they can protect the Nexus and the Nexus Beings. During the wars, conflicts and rampages of other mages, the population of the Omnibics was downsized from millions to mere dozens. Their king is Nadok, the Judge.

Deaths Edit

  1. James-Richard Moleculer killed and destroyed Horahkty when he destroyed almost all the Existence, so she wouldn't unite with the other two Trio of Justice and form the one and only Absolute Omnipotent Being.
  2. Nathaniel killed Horahkty like she was a mere witch, when he destroyed the 97% of the Existence.