The Iso-Spell is a Genjutsu that Morgana was taught when she traveled to the Second Incarnation. Morgana was taught the original jutsu but when she traveled to the 14th Incarnation the spell magnified extraordinary in magic offense. This genjutsu was edited by Morgana using her ability, Absolute Existence. After Morgana's edit, the spell/jutsu was powerful enough that it put under almost every being in the 14th Incarnation except some beings, Morgana and Allana excluded themselves. When Nathaniel broke the genjutsu, everything that happened in it, was erased except the deaths of whoever died while it was active. In order to break this genjutsu you need to sacrifice 5 Original Spirits. The spell was already weakened by Allana's activation of Genshma's Infinito Madara. Nathaniel took down both spells and stopped the flow of the All and Nothing at the same time.