Birth Edit

Móra was born when Darius used a huge portion of his magic and created her.

Time Stone Edit

Móra searched the Nexus of the 14th Incarnation and found a dying Dimension that was only kept alive by the Time Stone. Móra was immediately bonded with the stone and took herself to the beginning of the 14th Incarnation and spent millions of years with it and mastered its magic. She then confronted her father when she discovered that he lied to her when he told her that her mother is Enettia, but she discovered that she didn't have a mother at all. They fought and Móra won and sealed her father away in his own Dimension without a physical body so that he would never escape

Magic Stones Edit

When Eris was searching for all the Magic Stones, Móra fought her father in the Origin of Time and lost to him. He then took tried to take Time Stone but he only managed to absorb the portion he used to create her because Damien with Feria appeared and Damien almost killed his father. Then Damien put Móra into the Time Stone using his ability. Then the stone appeared to a witch named Raven. When Eris killed Raven and took possession of the Time Stone, Eris destroyed Móra's spirit from within the stone.