History Edit

I can't fight and fight and fight.... I want peace... But I know peace is over estimated...

- Nathaniel

Early Life Edit

Nathaniel was born within the Omnilock Verse, but when he was born, Yin accessed the Omnilock Verse with Absolute Access, but because she was unable to exit it, she cast a very powerful curse at the place so all this Magic will create a loophole and then allow her to escape. Chaos gave up his life to protect Nathaniel and Feria, but his sacrificial Magic was not that powerful, so the Omnilock Verse gave Nathaniel a small portion of its true potential alongside its ability to Absorb the anything, everything and the nothing. And Nathaniel stopped Yin's spell, restored balance and threw Yin out of the Omnilock Verse, but he was unable to revive his father. After that event Feria gave Nathaniel to Alan, so that he can raise him, since being within the Omnilock Verse, is very destructive. After Nathaniel destroyed the 14th Incarnation, Leonardo appeared and told him that he is his true father and that Chaos was a genjutsu put upon him so that he could have a nice memory of his father. Màgya told Nathaniel at the same time when she stopped the flow of the Void that Leonardo learnt the genjutsu spell when he tried to travel to the 1st Incarnation in order to unravel the truth behind it. Yin is actually the one that gave most of her magic to protect Feria and new born Nathaniel. Leonardo was the one that tried to kill them but he didn't know that Nathaniel was destined to be fused with the 5 Mythical Abilities, Absorption is one of them.

The Temple of the 5 Elements Edit

Alan took the baby Nathaniel to the Temple of the 5 Elements at the Ascension (normally no one is allowed to enter the Ascension, but Nathaniel is allowed due to being connected with the Omnilock Verse) so that he can find more about his family. There is where Nathaniel awakened his ability for the first time. But when they entered the Iso-Spell, Allana made Nathaniel's ability look like a prophecy.

Ice Age Edit

One of the very first Witches to ever existed, created a curse with the combination of two of the 5 elements, Water and Air, thus creating the Element Ice, in order to free her two sisters, Alcina and Celestia from the eternal imprisonment in the DiscWorld. Igrid cast the curse and affected Nathaniel, thus freezing Nathaniel for millions of years.

Megaira Edit

When Nathaniel was defreezed, Megaira appeared into the Camelot, Alannian Verse, trying to destroy everything looking for her roots, Nathaniel fought her and stopped her by bending the 5 Elements. At that time Nathaniel was thinking that his only ability is to bend the Elements of Creation and Destruction.

Mastery of Shamónity Edit

Alan started teaching Nathaniel how to master the aura Shamónity in order to unveil his true destiny and potential. Nathaniel was learning the aura really fast due to his true nature as an Assanian and a Shamóner.

Azeroth's Magical Creatures Edit

The Demon Azeroth wanted to achieve True Omnipotence by sacrificing the 9 Creatures known as Thryllians (these creatures each one possesses a portion of the Ascension as a gratitude for being created by it. Azeroth managed to sacrifice 6 of them, until Emrys fought him, but lost. Then Nathaniel fought Azeroth, but he almost died, until Ckallysi came and united herself with Nathaniel and defeated Azeroth, but the 6 sacrificied Thryllians were lost forever.

The 5 Cursed Keys Edit

The son of Ckallysi, Solon collected the 5th Cursed Keys allowing him to wish for something without any boundaries or limits. Solon wished to be the most powerful being in all Existence. Nathaniel tried to stop Solon but he was too powerful, until Naomy arrived to put an end, Naomy almost died but killed Solon before the wish was finished.

Zelena's Curse Edit

When Nathaniel found out that it was his mother that killed Marianna, he became infurius and his Magic became really unstable. Then Nathaniel realized that he is not just a prophecy, and that his true ability is Absorption. But Zelena cursed

Nathaniel with the spell Memorium Infenito, meaninNathanielón will be cursed to not remember what he founduoit until he found his true purpose. Zelena sacrificied her life for this spell to even be around years late When Màgya stopped the flow of the Void during the fight between Nathaniel and his father Leonardo, she told him that his father put a genjutsu on him. Moments before Nathaniel saw a vision of the scene that happened when he was born and he saw that Zelena died making Nathaniel forget that scene until he was ready. Zelena appeared as a spirit, thanked Nathaniel and died. r.

The 7 Namarians Edit

Amara opened a portal to the Prison World that Geranium was in, just to free him. But Nathaniel arrived there and entered the portal, Samantha stayed behind and fought Amara, while Nathaniel was fighting Geranium. The fight between him and Geranium lasted days until Nathaniel broke the prophecy once again and defeated Geranium by calling the 5 Dragons that guard the Ascension. Then Amara saw that what she did was wrong and sided with Nathaniel. But then Yin with the 7 Namarians appeared with Yin being mad about Nathaniel killing her son, so the 7 Namarians fought Samantha and Nathaniel fought Yin, but the Namarians almost killed Samantha, then Morgana arrived and killed the Namarians with ease, then he told Yin that the good and evil are just a point of view. Yin realized that using Magic for destruction did not give her anything good in her life, so she retired in the Nexus trying to find her true identity.

Post-Iso-Spell Edit

Everything that happened within the Iso-Spell was negated after Nathaniel destroyed the Iso-Spell. But every death that occurred within it, still linger even after the Iso-Spell.

Death of the 14th Incarnation Edit

Luna, Nathaniel's daughter cast a spell in the future that was to come when her father died. That spell was consistent of only one phrase: "I wish Magic never existed". A magical wave started traveling from that point of time towards the very Origin of tge 14th Incarnation in order to destroy its Origin of Magic. Luna's spell created the past, present and future when they didn't exist before. Nathaniel stated that he could destroy his daughter's spell easily but he wanted to let it happen so that it destroys the Origin and the 14th Incarnation and then he kills himself in order to create a new Incarnation without an Origin for the first time around. Nathaniel succeeded and the newly ressurected Màgya saved every alive being (70 beings).

Nathaniel vs Leonardo Edit

Nathaniel ressurected himself in order to fight Leonardo.

Nathaniel's Mythical Abilities Edit

  1. Absorption
  2. Absolute Existence
  3. 10th Dimension Physiology
  4. Unity
  5. Almighty Manipulation