History Edit

I will break free Feria... No one can retain me imprisoned in here...!

- Scagget to Feria

Early Life Edit

Scagget was born in the Existence (Assanity). He was one of the first beings to master the aura around them, called Assanity. He used this aura to create a portal to the only other plain of existence, the Unexistence (Divinity), when the Assanity beings led by Exodus invaded the Unexistence so that Scagget and the remained beings would escape to save their lives. But when Scagget escaped to the Assanity, he closed and sealed the portal behind to keep Exodus and his army outside the Assanity. Nevertheless Scagget became greedy and wanted more magic. So he started using his Assanity aura to seal other beings of the Divinity inside his soul, thus giving him absolute control over their Magic Source and Soul. Scagget came to the point where no other being was left except him within the Divinity plane. After all the chaos Scagget brought upon Divinity, he started trying to master the Divinity aura as well. When he managed to do that, he became the first being able to perform both auras. But Scagget wanted more.

Shamónity Edit

Scagget found out that there are 2 more planes of Existence, the Omnilock Verse and the Ascension, so he tried to enter them but found that there is another aura there protecting the planes, called Shamónity (this aura is created from the primordial force called Magic and started originating the All and Nothing. The user can control one or more of the 6 fundamental forces of Magic). Scagget begun trying to learn about this primordial aura and thus at the end master it. Which took him some hundreds of years but he eventually pulled it off. But the Ascension acted on its own and brought Feria from the future to stop him. Scagget didn't master this aura, he rather learnt how to partially control it, to the point of becoming the Absolute Omnipotent Being in the All and Nothing by combining all three auras together.


The Unexistence

Scagget's Imprisonment Edit

Feria with the help of the Ascension was taken back in time and created a spell that imprisoned Scagget within the Divinity plane. Rendering Scagget unable to escape the Divinity plane for eternity. Feria placed a female being alongside Scagget, called Serina, so that she would retain Scagget unable to use more than 0.1% of his full potential, thus keeping locked inside the Unexistence. Feria made Serina unable to have a mind or soul, so that she would never fall in love with Scagget nor under his powerful mind control. But Serina's ability and sole purpose of existence is to keep Scagget's Magic Source below 0%.

Freedom Edit

When Alannia released her most powerful self and almost destroyed James-Richard (at his 45% full potential) and controlled Blought Magya, Scagget found a way to control Alannia's mind, thus throwing her under his control. Scagget forced Alannia to open a portal for him due to her full potential, that she released a while ago. But Simón stopped the spell, threw Alannia unconscious and closed the portal before Scagget breaking out of it, by simply saying "enough". When Avanna freed Merlin from the deepest prison in the Existence, she fell into a psychic comma. Scagget took advantage of that, and controlled Avanna's mind to trap Merlin between the Existence and Unexistence, which she managed to do. Merlin fell under Scagget mind control, and he tried to escape through Avanna portal, Avanna broke Scagget's mind control and broke the portal, imprisoning Scagget between the Existence and Unexistence. At the same,Scagget tried to destroy the Alpha/Omega Reality, so that he can become the manifestation of Reality and invade the Existence, in order to destroy everything and become the only Omnipotent Being. When Wanda entered the All and Nothing, the Alpha/Omega Reality plane resurfaced and became vulnerable to powerful Beings if they knew it exists. After Wanda became the Mother of All, she became Absolute Immortal and Immune to Erasure. Wanda tendered her soul and abilities with the Alpha/Omega Reality plane, thus becoming not just part of Reality or its embodiment, but Reality itself. Scagget found a way to hurt Wanda and the Reality. But a witch, named Hope, appeared and locked a part of Wanda's soul with Reality inside a painting spell. If Scagget was ever to find that painting and destroy the painting and its content, Scagget would instantly break free.

6 Forces of Magic
Reality - 8/10
SpaceTime - 9/10
Life-Death - 10/10
Soul - 10/10
Mind - 10/10
Destiny - 10/10

Powers and Abilities Edit

Scagget was born to become a Dark Being, namely one of the most powerful beings that was ever existed or will ever exist.

Source of Magic: Maximum and Unlimited Source of Magic

Immortality: Absolute Immortality

True Omnipotence: Scagget is able to achieve all and every ability that existed or will ever exist, except the Abilities that are absolutely Legendary (for example like Absorption, Absolute Existence, Self Transcendence, Illusion Manipulation, Wish Embodiment etc). Scagget is not Omniscient but rather partially. Scagget is only Omnipresent in the Unexistence, but even there he cannot break the laws of the Assanity aura and the spell Feria and the Ascension put upon the Unexistence, and break free.

Abilities Edit

  1. Omniverse Manipulation: Scagget can manipulate all/every verse with infinite/unlimited scale, manipulate everything, nothing and anything in every parallel reality, timeline, break any boundaries, etc. in every universe in the Omniverse. Scagget cannot use this ability to break free from the Unexistence, due to Serina keeping him below 0% of his full potential.
  2. Unimind: User is or is able to connect with all living and non-living in Existence and Unexistence, his essence (body, mind, soul) giving him the power to identify, understand, know and feel every sentient creature and non sentient within the All and Nothing. Scagget has tremendous mental abilities and an extraordinary power over other beings essences. Scagget can use this ability to a very limited stage since his full potential is always below 0%. But he was shown able to control Alannia at her greatest peak, Avanna while in a psychic comma and Merlin when between the Existence and Unexistence.
  3. Absolute Immortality: Exodus is born with the inability to die, age, get sick or be permanently wounded. Scagget's mind and soul are truly immortal thus rendering him immune to mental/spiritual attacks and spells.
  4. Erasure Immunity: Scagget is unable to erased from the All and Nothing. Only beings with Ability and Immunity Negation can negate Scagget's ability and hurt him, even kill him. But only True Omnipotent Beings can definitely hurt Scagget, but even then Scagget could have been victorious, it's dependable.